Urbanest, Vauxhall / by Damien Looney

As part of the massive regeneration of the Vauxhall/Battersea/Nine Elms area in South London, a huge number of skyscrapers and other interesting buildings have started to fill the skyline. For me, the most striking is ‘Urbanest’, a 32-storey, 454 room red brick tower that is home to students from the world renowned Kings College. Due to the odd dimensions of the building, it has the unique ability to look like a completely different building depending on where you are viewing it from. At one angle, it looks like a completely flat, thin, one dimensional building. Walking a few meters along the street sees the building open up but fall off at very odd angles. Up close, the rounded glass and leading lines lead you off into infinity. A few more steps to the side and the fantastic white stone contrasts nicely with the red brick and creates patterns that repeat over and over again. It’s an amazing looking building.